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Recommendations from clients, colleagues and friends.
Gabriel is a fantastic strategic marketing executive, who has the best interest of his clients at heart and also delivers high quality concept from initiation to implementation. I will hire him again any day, he is highly recommended.
When I had the opportunity of working with Gabriel, we had a great working relationship. From the inception of the project to completion, and follow-up in terms of technical support, he did excellently.
...His attention to detail, strong work ethic, professionalism and intelligence sets him apart from the class. I am indeed proud of the value Gabriel has brought to Rhesus Media Group and give him my strongest recommendation.

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Mood board for a client re-branding. Using a bunch of golden ratios for this one.

I don't know who are we who believes in a god. And if so what kind? A god of absolutes or a god of compromise. My god of late has been time. Time doesn't concern itself with morality or good or


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